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Sycamore Workshops are delivered by Nicky Spencer in a simple and down to earth way, they appeal to people from all walks of life and are easy to be a part of. Please note that the courses do not involve personal therapy and you will never be asked to do anything you don't want to do, or to disclose personal information.


The following is a basic list of the workshops I run. For more information, please visit my full website on a computer or tablet.

  • Weighting Around – Managing Your Weight:

    • Looks at the practicalities of weight loss and how our beliefs affect our ability to sustain change, and how we can overcome this. Includes some basic hypnotherapy techniques to help and support your process.

  • Branching Out - Personal Development & Motivation:

    • Provides a start-to-finish look at how we manage our emotions & thoughts, offering tools to help us meet our goals.

  • Inside Out – Co-dependency & Self-Discovery:

    • Provides a detailed look at how we relate to ourselves and other people, how we sometimes get in our own way and what we really want for ourselves.

  • The Gift of the Present – Finding Time:

    • Looks at how we lose time and let life rush by and how we can slow things down again, find more time and notice our lives.​​

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